Why do you need a realtor?

Why do you need a realtor?

The benefits of working with a realtor if you are buying or selling real estate

If you have decided to buy or sell real estate, you will surely ask yourself: "Do I need a realtor?"

This question often causes discussion, but we believe that in most cases a realtor is indeed needed! However, you must understand your expectations from the realtor and what questions you are ready to entrust him with.

Let us figure it out:

At first glance, it seems that the process is easy.

You need to:

  1. Find a home or buyer
  2. Write a sales agreement
  3. Sign an agreement
  4. Make a transaction

You can deal with all these stages on your own - if you have the necessary knowledge and quite some experience in such transactions. But often, a real estate transaction is the most expensive and rare transaction in a person's life, and each case can also be unique. A realtor will be able to protect you from possible difficulties and risks.

 Cooperation with a realtor has many advantages for both the buyer and the seller. To fully benefit from these advantages, you need to draw up an agreement with a realtor or agency, in which you will clearly write down all the services that you want to receive, and decide the amount of the commission.


The benefits of working with a realtor for you if you are buying real estate

Save time

Realtors, as a rule, have already visited the objects that you are planning to see, so they will be able to tell you if this object has a chance to please you and can show you only the best options for your needs.

Professional realtors will independently make a selection of the best offers on the market for you, and so you will not have to call for all more or less suitable ads, go around the city in search of housing and stand in line for documents while worrying that you may be deceived in the buying process.

Price reduction

A realtor acts in your best interest and will most likely help you get a discount from the seller. Knowing the real estate market and the psychology of the seller, the realtor can give the right arguments to reduce the cost. In a successful scenario, the price of an apartment/house can be reduced by 5-10%, or more.

Selection of suitable offers

A realtor will not guide you through numerous properties and will immediately start offering options that suit your requirements. Location, reputation of the area, price, housing layout, infrastructure - an experienced realtor will consider everything that is important for you.

Impartial assessment

The realtor has already seen plenty of real estate in different price ranges and will not share your delight with the apartment just because it has a large TV or equipment of your favorite brand. He will inspect the apartment with a professional eye, assessing all its advantages and disadvantages, such as proximity to a business zone, area’s bad reputation, is it a new or an old house in which you may encounter problems such as dampness, roof leaks, problems with plumbing and electricity. The realtor will draw your attention to the lack of parking or playground and the proximity to the nearest available.

Professional realtors will try to give you an impartial idea of ​​your future home.

 Monitoring the execution of agreements

When you have chosen the apartment of your dreams, and decided to buy it, the absence of certain pieces of furniture and equipment that were there during the viewing but were no longer there during the transfer of the keys, can become a big disappointment.

The realtor will make sure that the property you have purchased is transferred in the form that you agreed with the seller. He will also help you check the payment of debts for utility bills and electricity, check the deregistration of the owner and his family from the address, will conduct signing of the agreement of transfer of property. All this is in the realtor's area of ​​responsibility.

The benefits of working with a realtor for you if you are selling real estate

 Searching for a buyer

The realtor has previously sold similar real estate, so he will be able to come up with an attractive listing text and independently place it on listing websites, both domestically and abroad, if the type of your real estate may be of interest to foreigners. Some realtors work with photographers, so they will take high-quality photographs, perhaps even suggest what improvements you need to make in your property to sell this property more profitably. In addition, a realtor can show your property to potential buyers without you. This is very convenient if you do not live in the apartment for sale.

Favourable selling price

Having a lot of experience in working with real estate, the realtor will help determine its adequate market price at which your apartment can be sold in the near future. In addition, the realtor can provide valuable advice on how to increase the value. For example, he can offer or even arrange a minor renovation.

Carefree transaction

An experienced realtor will immediately understand when the buyer is ready for the deal. He will warn you if it can drag on with a specific buyer. This often happens when the buyer first needs to sell his property to purchase your property, or if he does not have enough money to buy it.

In complex transactions, for example with the elderly, minors, etc., the realtor will help you carry out this transaction as safely as possible for you.

Everything under control

The realtor will help prepare documents for the transaction, draw up a purchase and sale agreement, control registration and payment.

Realtor's commission

The cost of a realtor's services, on average, is 1.5-6% of the price of real estate. It may depend on the region, the type of property and the services that are included in your contract.

If you want to get quality service, take the signing of an agreement with a realtor seriously. It should include a list of all services that will be provided to you with a fixed commission on the transaction.

If the realtor's commission is a percentage of the value, and not a specific amount, be sure to write in what amount and from what value (for example, from the sale price or from the price in the agreement, if for some reason they may differ).

How to choose a realtor?

On the mm.hr website, we have compiled a list of real estate agencies and realtors who work for them. Pay attention to the experience of the realtor and the agency in general. Choose professionals in your location, or in the location where you would like to buy real estate.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. Ask about the amount of the commission, what obligations the agency undertakes, how quickly they can help you, if they have had similar deals recently.

You can see the assessment and customer reviews of agencies and realtors on the mm.hr website. Only a user whose participation in the transaction is confirmed can leave a review, so they reflect the real experience. Be sure to leave your review after purchasing or selling real estate. Your review will help other people make the right choice who can be trusted to sell their house or apartment and motivate all realtors to work even better.


If you have free time, sufficient financial and legal literacy and experience in the field of buying/selling real estate and a desire to communicate with people, you can place a listing for the sale of an apartment/house on your own and conduct meetings.

If you are making a deal for the first time, you may have difficulties, with which a realtor can help deal with. He will also gather other specialists, if necessary: ​​photographers, lawyers, realtors from other agencies, notary, cleaners and others to make the expected result predictable and achievable within the time frame you need.


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